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Fabrics - Varieties and Maintenance


     All our products described as cotton are 100% cotton. We do not blend our cotton fabrics with other yarns. In many cases, we offer hand woven cotton fabrics. Theses items, because they are hand woven, may have small imperfections which are part of this process and should not be considered a defect. Cotton items are very durable  and are best used in high traffic areas; for example a family room, or to add colour to that big reading chair. For a longer life for your cotton pillow, we recommend that you hand wash separately in cold water and lay flat to dry.


     Silk yarn is a wonder, and holds colour like none other - rich, vibrant and lucious. In India, the silk in most cases is hand spun as well as hand woven. This gives it wonderful tones and texture. The only drawback is that it is not as durable as cotton and will require extra care to keep it looking fresh. Please do not consider the variations in silk pillows as imperfection. Please dry clean only  to maintain the shape and beauty.


     Velvet fabric that we use in our pillows is cotton or a cotton viscose blend. These items have a soft plush hand - with vibrant colours coming alive with the viscose yarns.The fabric is not hand woven so it is consistent in colour, texture and uniformity. Velvet pillows are durable and can be used in many areas of your home to add colour and warmth. We suggest dry cleaning these items in order maintain the plush effect.


    The fibres used in this type of product are generally polyester based or blended yarns. We use this fabric base when we are doing intricate embroidery that requires a stronger fabric base. When there is embroidery detail, it should be either hand washed or dry cleaned so there is no breakage in the pattern.